Wanna review a book?

For the average reader/consumer, the two main places to express your opinion (review a book) are Amazon and Goodreads, a book review and marketing “club”.  In both cases, you need to go to the “buy” page of the book you wish to review. At Amazon, go to the bottom of the buy page, click “enter customer review” and write how wonderful the book was. You don’t have to be an actual customer, but you will need to establish an Amazon account. At Goodreads, under the picture of the cover of the book will be 5 stars. Click on the number you think the book deserves (5 for mine would be nice!), then click on the little “enter your review” in the middle of the page and explain why you gave me 5 stars…! Simple, fun…and non-fattening!

Happy reviewing!


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