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    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      It’s true—this “alleged” birthday is a vicious rumor started by people with no hair. Thank you for your support.
      Love, DB

      I should have been more cautious when I said “all comments are welcome”. I spend about twenty minutes a day deleting all the machine-generated spam that I’m getting and if you are one of those who do this kind of stuff—I get it! You’re just trying to make a buck, but there is no way I’m interested in lawn chairs or Viagra or new ways of feeding birds. Find some other way to make a living. I understand Ron Popeil is hiring.

    3. Hey Daryl, if your sister hadn’t posted on facebook, I never would have known…….will be checking out your novels very soon. Congrats and good luck

      Julie Smiley
      One of the Smiley kids……..

      1. Julie, I’m reading The Tutor. Daryl is a fabulous writer… you will enjoy his work! Are you related to Joyce? (Former neighbor of Daryl’s/ MVHS 1973 grad and former Skagitonian) ~ Lindy

  1. Finished a 80,000+ sci-fi book, “The Chameleon”, about two months ago—happy to say I just finished “Let’s Play Pretend”, a suspenseful psychological thriller set in California. Hopefully, “Pretend” will be #2 of my 3-book deal with Sparkling in the UK.

  2. I’m not much of a Poem person, but here’s a poem from 1999, written by a very young Alexander Katana. Please give me your opinion…


    The trees in my yard are covered with leaves
    but soon they will be bare
    with nothing at all

    Last night there was a cool breeze
    the first sign that autumn is near

    soon the leaves will be changing
    in beautiful colors of yellow and orange
    of red and brown
    and then…

    leaves will cover the ground
    like the stars cover the winter sky
    Winds will no longer bring music to my ears
    as there will be no leaves to blow
    on the trees that will be bare
    with nothing at all

    leaving me to await the spring
    when new leaves will suddenly appear
    to cover the bare trees in my yard

  3. “People who write fiction, if they had not taken it up, might have become very successful liars.” – Ernest Hemingway

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    Hi, I read your new stuff like every week. Your writing style is awesome, keep up the good work!

  5. Daryl is gifted not only as a writer but also in that he is “non stop” when it comes to writing. He gets an idea and just goes for it until his work is finished which is a matter of days! This is unlike many past and present authors who have been known to take days if not weeks completing just one sentence. I see a great future in writing for Daryl.

  6. I love Daryl! I’ve been fortunate to read all of his stuff and it’s all great!!! Keep up the good work D!!! Love, Joanie

  7. Hard at “work” on a scintillating murder/suspense. Note: never forget the importance of backing up your work. I accidentally lost 10,000 words, forcing me to actually…think!

      and it’s going to bring that name back into the terminology of a whole new generation!

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