Things to Think of First



If you are going to attempt any or all of the simple procedures in this guitar page, you should assemble these tools:


(1) electronic tuner and cord to plug it in with.

(2) Allen wrenches that fit your guitar (one large for the truss rod, one small for the bridge. You have to check them but the smallest one made is usually the correct one). New guitars usually come with the correct ones.

(3) Phillips head screwdriver

(4) wire cutters are nice, but a set of pliers will do.

(5) fingers…10 preferably.

(6) brain (optional)


If you are going to do ALL of this stuff, it’s BEST to do it in this order: Put on new strings, adjust the bow, adjust the string height, and then adjust the intonation. None of this is complicated, but patience goes a long way.



One thought on “Things to Think of First”

  1. hello Daryl: remember me? I met you in Austin in August while visiting my girlfriend who lives next door to Carmen!…well anyway I have not started my cookbook yet, still procrastinating, but I will start guitar lessons soon, need to put my acoustic that is sitting in my closet to use, plus I have some lyrics in my head, might starting writing them down, as they come and go when I hear a tune that would fit my lyrics! Anyway, I came over to your table, Carmen gave me a description of you, so since I was in the lounge, I seen someone that she described and I introduced my self to you. I commented on your book a while ago, but don’t know if you received it. I will refer back to the Guitar info, once I started getting knowledge of the Guitar, so I will know what your talking about…until then “Have a Happy and Peaceful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year 2016! Deann

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